Laura and Noah, 5 months

Emma was amazing!! Our little boy was 5 months and waking every hour throughout the night, and only having cat naps throughout the day. He was unable to resettle himself without being picked up and rocked to sleep with a dummy. Emma gave us easy to follow techniques and a new nap schedule and within days we saw amazing changes he was like a new little boy! He is now able to self settle on his own without a dummy and sleeps through the night only waking once for a feed. His day naps are so much easier there is no crying, he is straight to sleep on his own.
Emma was a fantastic support and very easy to talk to, we are so grateful for her help!
Thanks Emma!!

Beth and Rosie, Newborn stage

We highly recommend Emma to help out right from the start with her new born package. We were able to get Rosie on track from the very start and we haven’t looked back. She follows her routine amazingly and sleeps a solid 13 hours each night with just one feed.
It’s so nice to have the reassurance and professional advice as a new mum.
Thanks Emma.

Jacqui and Reuben, 11.5 months

Emma was delightful to work with. She was friendly, approachable and very confident with her advice. I found her to be super easy to talk to, and her strategies worked!! My (almost 12 month old) son now sleeps on a regular day schedule and is sleeping through the night. It was great to have an expert to bounce questions off and get reassurance from on a regular basis. I highly recommend Emma.

Juliiee and Ethan, 5.5 months

As a first time mum, sometimes what you need is someone who has been where you’ve been and tell you exactly what you need to do to to fix your sleep problems!
Emma will listen, understand and guide you through some of the toughest sleep phases of motherhood.
My Ethan was 5 months old when Emma helped my family out of an entire month of his sleep regression within pretty much a week. Ethan has learnt to self settle and resettle through his naps and nights without the dummy. We went from feeding 4-5 times a night down to just one and I don’t even need to swaddle him anymore. I could thank you enough! Highly highly recommended!

Charlotte and Emmet, 8 months

Emma was amazing and her gentle approach helped my 8 month old that was waking multiple times at night for feeds to sleep through the night. There was lots of things that needed to be tweaked a little as I’d read so much information and tried so many techniques. But Emma guided me and gave me the confidence to help my baby learn to sleep so much better.
Thank you

Vay and Matilda 6.5 months

Highly highly recommend Emma! Our little Matilda that’s 6.5 months, has gone from being rocked, fed, doing whatever to get her to sleep and was never able to resettle herself, to a baby that now SELF SETTLES and RESETTLES. Emma was so supportive in the way she guided us through the process & kept us on track despite Matilda teething during the training.
We are so grateful for Emma’s help and Matilda is a much happier baby for it!

Sarah and Evie, 16 weeks

I never thought I would see the day our 3.5 month old (at the time we began) would be able to settle herself to sleep, let alone nap longer than 20-30 minutes during the day. But after just 1-2 days of working with Emma, our little girl had already taken a huge leap in understanding how to settle herself to sleep at night. She was so reliant on being fed to sleep, or vigorously bounced on an exercise ball with the dummy in for her day naps, that it caused me so much anxiety at bedtime, and made me so short tempered and frustrated during the day. Now after 2 weeks with Emma’s almost-daily guidance and support, our baby girl settles herself to sleep without a dummy for EVERY sleep/nap, sometimes naps for a whole 2.5hrs at midday, and can resettle herself when she needs to, especially during the night. She even slept through the night (a whole 12 hours) once already at the 4 month old mark. I am so grateful to Emma, I feel like I have my sanity back and no longer dread bedtime (in fact I’m so excited at bedtime now!). The best thing about Emma is that she is always there for you through the process – it’s not an initial consult with 1 or 2 follow ups. I think this was by far the best thing about her services, is that she is there to kindly and gently support you through it all, even if it takes a little longer. Thanks Emma!!

Jessie and Sebastian, 11.5 months

We had fallen into some bad sleep habits when Seb was 8.5 months old and going through a regression. It got to the point where he was waking half an hour after going to bed and would be awake for 2 hours, then up 2-3 times in the night. We were exhausted. Emma tweaked his day time sleeps and gave us the tools to re settle and we had results almost INSTANTLY!! We also cut out a dream feed and overnight feed and are having consecutive sleep throughs! I’m shocked. Could not recommend Emma more highly.

Christie Lee and Isla, 8 months

Emma has definitely saved me!
My little girl Isla was waking every 1-2 hours overnight and wanting to be fed each time.
She was also barley napping through the day and we always fed to sleep which I think was a big contributor for us with all the night time wakings.
Isla took to the new way Emma showed us for getting to sleep, settling and resettling so well.
I was so amazed and wished we had done it sooner.
We no longer feed to sleep and are having appropriate naps during the day.
Puts herself to sleep at night and today for the first time put herself to sleep for her nap.
We had a bit of a set back with the busy Christmas period and being unwell for a few weeks but are slowly getting back on track.
Hopefully we will be back on track very soon!
I could not recommend Emma enough!

Danni and Conor, 10 months

Two words to describe our amazing experience with Emma – Life Changing!
We enlisted Emma’s help with Conor’s sleep when he was 10 months old. As a bub Conor had many months of terrible silent reflux later found to be due to a dairy allergy. As a result he spent the first months of his life pretty unhappy, in a lot of pain and definitely not sleeping! Once we had sorted out the medical side of things we still had a bub who was difficult to settle and not keen on naps and only catnapping if at all. We found ourselves spending long periods of time rocking him to sleep at night only for him to wake hourly and while co-sleeping seemed to work for a little while, this too was short lived. Our growing concern that Conor wasn’t getting the sleep he required to develop and thrive lead us to Emma, who had been recommended to us by a friend. Emma was wonderful with not only Conor but myself and my husband as well, listening to any concerns we might have, working with what we felt comfortable with and answering our endless questions. Her patience and compassion was appreciated beyond words especially at a time when we were chronically sleep deprived, not thinking clearly and grieving the recent loss of my Dad as well. Within days of working with Emma, Conor’s night sleeps improved dramatically and over the course of 2 weeks we all started to settle into a new routine and daytime naps had started to become an actual reality! Fast forward a few more weeks and we were able to go on our first trip together to Sydney. What would have previously been a very stressful holiday became so much easier and more enjoyable now that we and Conor had the tools and routine to help him with his sleep. Conor has continued to thrive and is a noticeably much happier little boy, progressing in leaps and bounds and just loves life! We are all extremely grateful and can’t thank Emma enough for her help!

Natasha and Theodore, 12 months

I came across Emma after many many months of my little 1 year old boy not sleeping. He would wake up sometimes every 40 mins every night and my husband and I were exhausted from just not sleeping, I had tried everything out there. Then on facebook she popped up and I thought maybe I will have a look. Best decision I have made! Emma has been wonderful and fit me in so quickly for a chat. Within a few days my little boy went from waking up most of the night to now sleeping through every night and going down without any help. Its been amazing! I recommend her to everyone. It’s worth it! Thank you so much Emma for all your help!:)

Sally and Sophia, 4 months

I reached out to Emma after reading another mum’s review describing her situation that was almost identical to my own and I’am so glad I did.
My lovely little Sophia was 4 months old, sleeping beautifully at night but catnapping her way throughout the day. It upset me to see her wake up prematurely from a nap crying and struggling to make it through the day. I knew things could be better for her but didn’t have a clue as to how I could help her. So I made contact with Emma and was immediately reassured that this problem could be resolved.
The first week was a little harder than I anticipated but Emma’s gradual approach, kindness and extensive knowledge made it as easy as it possibly could have been. After a little over two weeks Sophia has three naps a day, one of which is 2.5hrs and she sleep from 6:30-7 overnight. I have regained my evenings and have added structure to the day. Emma has given me the knowledge to adapt things when a little extra flexibility is required and the know how to get things back on track should future issues arise. Best of all Sophia is well rested and an absolute delight throughout the day.
I am so pleased I reached out for help when I knew things could be better. Emma is truly passionate about helping mums and babies navigate the world of sleep and thank goodness for people like Emma.
Many thanks
Sally and Sophia

Diana and Ethan, 5 mths

Working with Emma has been the best thing I’ve done for our baby. Ethan was never a great sleeper & had a lot of sleep associations that needed to be removed as well as only napping 30 mins 2-3 times during the day & waking 2-3 hrs during the night. So many times I heard it was normal for babies to cat nap, however deep down I knew my baby needed far more sleep.
At 5 months of age with Emma’s gentle guidance & achievable little goals Ethan has now settled into a routine, self settles & sleeps 2 hrs in the afternoon as well as sleeping through the night. It didn’t take long at all.
I can’t recommend Emma & her approach enough. I wish I’d contacted her earlier. To see Ethan even happier than he was before & thriving due to more sleep is reward enough.

Michelle and Sebastian, 4.5 mths

** Not all heroes wear capes!!! **
Emma, you are my hero!! You saved me when I were in a state of utter exhaustion and despair. Your encouragement, reassurance and expert advice transformed my life from anxiety-filled days and tearful, sleepless nights to calm, predictable days and drowsy (but happy), relaxed nights. Thank you so, so much for you support through what was the toughest part of my life 💚 Sebastian and I are so much happier now. Also, you’re just a legend of a person 😁👍🏼 xoxo

Megha and Anya, 14 months

Emma is amazing, very passionate, kind and thorough professional. We found Emma when our 14 month old had very strong sleep associations and sleep regressions. Emma gave us lot of support and guidance and within 3 nights our girl started sleeping through the night. Bed time become less stressful. Now our girl has fallen into routine and is a changed baby. Cannot thank and recommend Emma enough! Only regret we have is we could have got her sooner!

Jen and Charlotte, 4 months

Emma changed our lives! Charlotte-our four month old daughter- would need 40 minutes of bouncing on a Swiss ball to go to sleep at night and inevitably she would wake as soon as we sat down to dinner. Her daytime naps were 30-40minutes max, each time requiring 10-15minutes to settle (again on the Swiss ball) and was waking 3 times per night. It is hard to know what is ‘normal’ for a baby this age but my husband and I were exhausted and needed a rest. After chatting to Emma we started a regime and though the first 3 nights were hard we soon saw some improvements and Charlotte now sleeps for two hours at midday with two other daytime naps and wakes only once per night for a feed (she occasionally wakes additionally for a grizzle but quickly self-settles). I can also plan my day as I know exactly when she’ll be feeding and sleeping.

Sleep is so important for both baby AND parents. Please don’t persist thinking your baby’s lack of sleep is ‘normal’ when you are struggling to meet each day.

Valerie and Ophelie, 15 months

I came across Emma when our daughter Ophélie was about 4 months old and Emma helped us set up a routine that worked perfectly well for us and we were so thankful to have created good habits early on and have a good little sleeper on our hands.

Things changed when I had to go back to work and send my daughter to day care. Of course she got sick a couple of times, her usual routine was out the window and we started rocking her to sleep and always justified doing so until we realised that it was not sustainable in the long term physically and also because we needed to sleep to be able to function the next day.

So I decided to call Emma again when our daughter was 15 months old and Emma was so helpful in explaining the changes that we needed to make around nap times/sleep times and how things are different when dealing with a baby versus a toddler. The first few days of sticking to the new routine were hard but got through it and within less than a week, our daughter was back into her sleep routine and now puts herself to sleep alone and has also learnt how to put herself back to sleep if she wakes up during the night.

So thank you so much for all your help Emma, we now look forward to the bed time routine, it’s such a special bonding time and sticking to the routine has helped so much and has given us time back in the evenings and also allows us to have a proper night’s sleep.

Suzanne and Kate, 8 Months

I highly recommend Emma @ Baby Sleep Expert.
I reached out to Emma after seeing a video regarding white noise (which I purchased off the website), marpac hushh for white noise is hands down the best ever!
My daughter is 7.5 months old, she has always been a great sleeper however I thought she should be sleeping through the night so I contacted Emma for a free consultation (I had nothing to lose!)
After speaking with Emma, even though my little one was a great sleeper, I learnt we were napping at the wrong times which as a result would end in disaster in the months to follow.
Emma advised that she could help my situation so we moved forward and agreed to give Emma’s advice a good hard crack.
In just 5 short days, with Emma’s expert advice & guidance, my daughter has gone from sleeping swaddled in the bassinet, to now sleeping in her cot, in her own room, arms fully out and going to bed at 6.15/6.30pm and sleeping until 7am with only I feed during the night (down from 2).
Emma is truly a baby whisperer with a gentle approach.
I have also came out with a better understanding of babies sleep cycles & when is the best time to sleep.
I can’t recommend Emma enough, She is totally amazing!

Danielle and Elka, 19 months

Finding Emma has seriously changed my life! After not sleeping for 18 months, coupled with the exhaustion of first trimester pregnancy, I desperately needed sleep! And Emma got me and my little one out of numerous bad habits that had grown out of trying to make things easier. Elka is now able to resettle herself, and no longer needs me, or a bottle to do so. We are now all sleeping (and eating) better and I am beyond thrilled! And I feel I have new skills to use when we face difficulty in the future. Thank you so much Emma!

Melina and Lily, 5 months.

Best investment l ever did.
My little girl Lily was 5 months and was waking every 1hour at night and having 15-20min cat naps during the day. The only way l could get her to sleep was by feeding or rocking. We had no sleep routine and her feeding times would be all over the place. Lily was very unsettled when it came to the evenings as she was overtired. It was starting to take a real toll on both myself and my husband as we have a toddler as well.
As soon as l spoke to Emma she assured me we could have Lily’s sleep pattern changed within a week and we certanly did. With Emma’s support and guidance Lily had a sleep routin within 5 days. She has 3 full naps during the day and now wakes every 4 hours during the night. She has set feeding times and Miss Lily is a very happy baby. What an incredible transformation and all thanks to Emma.
I highly recommend this service as Emma is with you every step of the way. I would speak to her every day and she would give me tips and ideas on what to do if things where not working.
Miss Lily is a great sleeper now. l just put her in her cot and walk out😊
Thank you so much Emma you have changed our lives.❤

Kylie and Max, 4 mths

What a godsend, I have my life back! Max was 4 months when we enlisted the help of Emma and at that point was using a dummy and waking every hour needing me to pop it back in and resettle him. I was exhausted and it was hard to determine if it was the dummy he was after, or a feed.
Emma helped us to teach Max self-settling techniques and within 2 nights Max was down to waking twice a night for a feed and that’s it. Emma is so knowledgeable on the subject of sleep and babies and her daily phone calls to prep me for what to expect that night were spot on! Max reacted almost to the letter to what Emma predicted and using her techniques we have a happy baby who feeds better (instead of snacking) and sleeps better without much fuss. Emma’s personalised coaching is worth every cent.

Jessica and Oscar, 3 years

Emma was brilliant in helping my husband and I retrain our 3yo’s bedtime and sleep routine. Before her visit we were fighting sleep for up to 4 hours every night and usually ended up sharing our bed with him. Emma was warm and friendly with our little man, and then held our hands as she guided us through the hard yards. She was knowledgeable – explaining all of the emotional reactions before they’d occurred. She gave us the confidence to follow through on the nights after her visit and 4 weeks later we have a calm and efficient bedtime each and every night. Our only regret was not getting her in sooner!

Jessica and Hutch, 8 months

We reached out to Emma when our son was 8 months old. I was due to return to work in 2 months and he was only feeding to sleep, waking every 20mins-2hrs and would break into hysteria if put into his cot to sleep. He used a dummy, but sometimes not even that would help sooth him.
Initally, I was hesitant when we engaged Emma because I was worried about what we would need to do to help our baby. Emma immediately understood where I was coming from and made me feel like I was heard. We trusted her straight away because of her kindness and professionalism. She was gentle with both us, and our baby and respectful of how we choose to parent. We learnt so much from working with Emma and I know that all the of us are better and happier for having worked with her.
Emma was always happy to answer our questions, provide lots of information and was always available.
The change in our son is amazing. He has started to develop at a much more rapid rate and is growing into his toddler years as a happy and healthy little boy.
Thank you, Emma. We can’t recommend you highly enough!! xx

Shelley, Owen and Eli 2.5 yrs

Emma is amazing! Thanks to her we now have twin 2.5yr old boys that go to bed themselves without a drama & sleep all night long! This is a big change – we used to battle with bed times & night waking, which was leaving everyone tired & miserable. Now everyone wakes up recharged after a great nights sleep! Straight away I felt very comfortable working remotely with Emma on the phone & she quickly got to understand our boys & what techniques were going to work. Her advice gave us the confidence to implement some key changes & after just the first two nights we were already seeing massive improvements. My only regret is not getting Emma sooner!

Samantha and Sophia, 10.5 months

I can’t thank Emma enough for the things she had taught me. Id read all the books and did so much research, I’d tried everything I thought possible to get Sophia to sleep better- Emma was my last resort, and to be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. From the day Sophia was born she was a terrible sleeper and I thought this was just going to be her.. But within 10 days, Sophia’s sleep habits drastically improved. She now sleeps 2 hours during the day and 12 hours at night, We’ve also stopped feeding during the night. It’s like I have a brand new baby!

Shannon and Freddy, 6 months

Emma was fantastic! So reassuring and comforting. We have always been told that when a baby comes along, sleep is a thing of the past. But with Emma’s help we have seen MASSIVE improvements and both my little man and I are so so much happier! Sleep is such an important piece to the health puzzle and I am so glad we got help when we did – even if it did take a month of procrastination from me. Thank you Emma!

Sarah and Alexander, 11 months

Our little boy Alexander slept well, until at 6 months things took a turn. Several wake ups a night eventually turned to two hour wakings all night. Occasionally he’d have a good night, which made me think there might be something ‘wrong’ with him: teething, too hot, too cold, too tired?
Advice came from all directions, all well meaning, but entirely confusing. When people suggested Alexander needed to go to ‘Sleep School’ I felt offended. There was nothing wrong with him; he’d sort himself out soon, I thought.
The thought of going to his 12 month check up with the MCH nurse, and having to lie about his sleeping so she wouldn’t recommend sleep school, AGAIN, made me decide to do something about it.
A friend told me how Emma had helped her son so I called Emma that afternoon. Several days later, after Emma took extensive interviews with us to find out about Alexander and our family, and parenting styles, we had our first meeting.
I came away from that meeting with a plan, contingency plans, and a set of actions that I felt I could achieve. The very first night of actioning the plan, Alexander slept longer than he had in months. By the third night he was sleeping through the night.
Thank you Emma. You did what I didn’t believe was possible: you helped Alexander get a decent night’s sleep. He’s so much happier now and so are his parents!

Tegan and Ryley, 4.5 months

We contacted Emma for our little 4 and a half month old girl who was cat napping anywhere from 20mins-40mins, right up until her bedtime at 10pm. I was unable to put her down any earlier, she was unsettled and very overtired by the end of the day. I was feeding to sleep and took several attempts at putting her down only to wake and cry 5 mins later. Our little girl is now able to settle herself to sleep, connect her sleep cycles, napping for longer and a new bed time of 630pm! Couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of Emma’s help! I feel so much more confident in myself and my job as a mother!

Leesa and Hazel, 22 months

I approached Emma after having a toddler permanently moved into our bed. Living in a rural area her telephone support was amazing and the tools she taught us worked very quickly and is something we will continue to use on our newborn.
I highly recommend Emma, her approach to sleep issues was very gentle and gradual and our toddler adapted very well.

Kelly and George, 21 months

I can’t recommend Emma enough!!. From the minute Emma walked into our home I felt at ease. Emma has a wonderful caring, gentle nature which put us and our children at ease. Our 21 month old had progressively gotten into terrible sleep habits to the point we couldn’t walk into his room without him having a complete melt down. We were spending hours getting him to sleep – usually in our arms or in our bed, and he would continue to wake multiple times throughout the night. My husband and I were at our wits end and completely and utterly exhausted. Something had to change – that’s when we turned to Emma. Within days our little boy was having both day and night sleeps in his cot. Within a week he was sleeping through the night and we have just spent a weekend away – something we wouldn’t of contemplated prior to seeing Emma. Thank you so much Emma

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