Our little 5 month old girl Charlie had started refusing to nap longer than 30 mins and was waking every few hours for huge feeds at night which meant she also started to feed less and less during the day. We knew we needed something to change and Emma was the absolutely perfect choice. Through her routines and gentle approach Charlie’s naps settled into an incredibly predictable schedule (she’s officially the best sleeper now at daycare apparently) and her nights are a breeze. Quick to sleep and quick to settle if she wakes.
If you’re thinking about talking to someone about your little one’s sleep I would 110% recommend contacting Emma. She’s kind, patient and so committed to helping her mums and bubs work out a solution that works for them.

How to achieve the best overnight sleep for your baby.

We all love and need our sleep. And when we have a baby that’s not sleeping well, we will do almost anything to help. 

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