Emma you have transformed our lives!! We can not thank you enough for helping us teach Hamish how to be the most perfect little person. After 3.5 years of sleep deprivation from our daughter we were determined not to make that mistake again…and we are so pleased we reached out.
Your experience, your genuine intent to help and your considerate words complement your professional abilities as a sleep consultant. We trusted you immediately when we understood your strong science and medical background. Everything you taught us was backed by research and tried and tested.
You have changed not only Hamish’s sleep habits (and ours!), you brought back our happy, playful, content little man we lost when he lost his interest in sleep. Thank you….you really are an angel.

How to achieve the best overnight sleep for your baby.

We all love and need our sleep. And when we have a baby that’s not sleeping well, we will do almost anything to help. 

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