Baby Sleep Expert

Helping parents get their babies to sleep longer and better



Baby Sleep Expert

Helping parents get their babies to sleep longer and better



Is your baby having trouble sleeping?

  • Waking multiple times a night?
  • Never know when your baby is going to sleep?
  • Trouble achieving naps or catnapping?
  • Can’t make plans in your day anymore?
  • Need help establishing a routine?


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Every child can be a good sleeper

Your child might be a terrible sleeper and you might have been told that you just need to put up with it. That’s what most of our clients thought too. But with the right technique and help, your child can be a good sleeper too!






What other parents said:

Baby Sleep Expert
Rhianna and John, 4 months

““Happily in bed for the night by 7pm…”

“At around the four month mark we noticed some changes in his [Magnus] sleep habits (the dreaded four month sleep regression!). We hadn’t been able to successfully settle Magnus down for the night until around 9pm! Within a few days of working with Emma, Magnus was self settling, sleeping in his own room and happily in bed for the night by 7pm. We couldn’t recommend Emma highly enough!””

Baby Sleep Expert
Noha and Shams, 12 months

“…I really believed he was unfixable!”

“For 12 long months, we were all sleep deprived, grumpy and stressed to a point of complete misery. We were stuck and had no idea how to get out of the horrible cycle of no sleep and rocking all night with our first born. I really believed he was unfixable! But Emma, somehow, managed to get him to sleep through the entire night well within ONE WEEK of her program and support! I just wish we had found her sooner!””

Baby Sleep Expert
Michaela and Sophie, 9.5 months

““I now have time in the evening with my husband to catch up on our days…”

“I was desperate for sleep everyday and every night since our daughter was born. We felt we had tried everything and no success! What did I have to loose at contacting After the Stork I was already sleep deprived? My biggest worry’s were: 1) we live 6 hours away from Emma how can she help me from that far away!? 2) Spending money on something I didn’t know if it would work or not!? There are so many conflicting things on google, like how your baby “should” be sleeping through from 6 months. You hear so many stories from people and it all gets so conflicting and confusing, you go round and round in circles. I contacted Emma – the best thing we have ever done for our family’s lifestyle and sleep. I now have time in the evening with my husband to catch up on our days. I thank Emma so much for the happy lifestyle we have now as a family and most importantly sleep!!””




Three main areas we help parents with:

From newborns (0-3 months), infants (3-12 months) to toddlers (12 months+)


Overnight Sleep

Sleep Routine

How it works

Here’s what would happen when you book a free consultation call:


Have a chat

Book a free call first to see what might be the best for you and your baby


Get a custom plan that suits your parenting style

 You will get a comprehensive Zoom consultation followed by loads of one on one follow up support


Getting your day and your sleep back

Say goodbye to sleep anxiety and chronic sleep deprivation. Say hello to a thriving family! 

Common questions parents ask:

Will I have to change my parenting style?

When I work with a family I make it a priority to suit that family’s parenting style. There are a range of sleep training methods that we can use and I always work hard to find the perfect fit for the family and child that I am working with. You will always be able to stay true to your parenting style.

How is this different from everything I've tried?

Trying to change things on your own when you are very sleep deprived is hard. I bring experience and knowledge to review your personal situation, and come up with a personal plan and practical tools to turn your situation around. We do this together. I hold your hand and give you the support you need every step of the way until you get results.

Why do I need a sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant has the experience and knowledge to give practical advice in facilitating a better night’s sleep. We can clearly see through the puzzle of your sleep troubles and bring fresh eyes to your situation. We are experienced in the pathways it takes to get results for your family.


We understand chronic sleep deprivation is exhausting.

We know from first-hand experience the overwhelming exhaustion of chronic sleep deprivation. It not only affects your baby or child adversely, but has profound effects across the whole family’s wellbeing. But with the right technique and help, we can change it together.


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