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Rhianna and Magnus, 5 months

"If you are thinking about getting help from Emma…JUST DO IT! Our gorgeous son, Magnus, had been a pretty good sleeper from very early on. At around the four month mark we noticed some changes in his sleep habits (the dreaded four month sleep regression!) so contacted Emma to help us support Magnus through the regression by teaching him to self settle. We also wanted to transition him into his own room and bring his bedtime forward (we hadn’t been able to succesfully settle Magnus down for the n…

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Michaela and Sophie 9.5 months

One evening we were sitting down eating tea as a family my Husband, myself and our 9.5 month old daughter.... This evening was different. We had the tv on which is very rare for us. I wanted the news on just to see what was going on in the world besides my own little world. A segment came on I heard them mention words like baby’s, sleep, sleep deprivation, sleeping through, parents, experts. I said to my husband quick turn it up and we watched the segment. I didn’t catch the name of the business…


Jennifer and Sebastian, 6 months

I honestly cannot thank Emma enough!! In brief Sebastian was a premature baby and had issues with feeding (including a lip and tongue tie) but once we got through all of that he was a fabulous feeder and sleeper, even sleeping through the night at 16 weeks. Unfortunately though when he hit 4 &1/2 months things began to unravel. He began stirring 1 to 2 times a night, needing me to resettle him either through patting, holding, rocking, hushing, or placing the dummy in his mouth. Fast forward a fe…


Kara and William, 14 weeks

When I first contacted Emma I was desperate. My 14 week old baby boy was waking to feed up to 6 times through the night and often needed to be resettled 2 to 3 times in between feeds. I was lucky to get up to an hour of sleep at a time. I resorted to co-sleeping most nights just to get some rest, but I was absolutely exhausted. I was trying to follow a routine, but I was having to resettle him numerous times during his day sleeps too. I had to pat him to get him off to sleep and to get him to re…

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Maria and Stella, 15 weeks

Here I was with baby number 2, and history began repeating itself. Stella would catnap and snack all day long. There was no predictability to my day and I was stressed and exhausted. Emma was amazing! She spent 5 days at our home and in that time, she settled Stella into a very workable routine. It was a miracle for me! Baby is much happier, and mummy is so much more relaxed and enjoying life. Emma was gentle and kind and very quickly observed what would work for my daughter. She continues to be…

Lauren and Amelia, 6 months

I cannot thank Emma enough for her support and guidance in getting my 6 month to self-settle. Previously I was having to spend 20minutes rocking my baby to sleep for every nap and sleep. This was proving to be physically and emotionally draining. Plus, my baby would only sleep a max of 40 minutes and could not connect her sleep cycles, waking up screaming and thus me having to repeat the whole cycle again.

After chatting to Emma, she designed a custom sleep program in such ways we were comfortabl…

Kate and Audrey, 8 months

We worked with Emma when our daughter was 8 months old. She was having 2 feeds through the night and up unsettled every couple of hours. Within 2 weeks we gently cut out the unnecessary night feeds and taught her to resettle herself. She was sleeping through the night in no time at all. Since then she has continued to sleep through, with only a few hiccups when teething or sick. Sleep deprivation is hell. I feel my baby is happier and has more energy in the day when she has slept well the night …

Jo and Willow, 16 months

My strong-willed daughter had a strong feed to sleep association and at 16 months old was still waking up 6-8 times a night and only settling back to sleep with a feed. This was exhausting. After giving our routine to Emma she put together a plan which I was at first a bit sceptical of but followed it to the letter and was out right amazed at the results. Within a week we had eliminated all night time feeds and she had learnt to self-settle. Good night’s sleep all round! Thank you, Emma, for you…

Sara and Layla, 14 mths, and Azim, 2.4 yrs

Oh my Gosh Emma, there's so much to say I don't even know where to begin. My life has literally changed and I'm grateful for so many things. I loved that you always tried to use an approach that I'm most comfortable with and that you were always easy to reach. With your support and coaching, not only is my little one sleeping through the night and my older one taking his nap without making a fuss but they're both eating so much better now. I didn't even know that sleep and nutrition are so inter…

Isabella and Rose, 11 weeks

I was exhausted trying to settle my overtired and catnapping 10 week whilst meeting the needs of my toddler who was missing out on much needed ‘Mum time’. Emma helped guide us into a routine that works for our family and helped me implement a few simple steps to ensure my daughter gets the sleep she needs. Thank you Emma for your expertise, guidance and support, I truly can’t thank you enough for the changes you have made in our family and for helping me find my confidence as a Mum again.

Fiona and Teddy, 13 weeks

Edward is my 4th baby and I wish I had consulted Emma with my others!!

My first was a great sleeper so I thought I knew what to do. Then #2 came along. I didn’t get help because all I had heard from others was about strict routines and schedules. I thought that wasn’t going to work with a busy 2 year old as well. So I battled through and he finally slept through at 2.

I had also dismissed things like a dark room as I thought that couldn’t be replicated while out.

Emma not only told me what would he…

Betsy and Luna, 9 weeks

I had a very anxious newborn that needed constant attention and would not sleep in her bassinet, EVER! I tried various strategies but nothing seemed to work. I had given up and thought I'd have to have my baby sleep on me forever (or at least for a long time). Emma was very kind and relatable from the moment I spoke to her on the phone. She came to my home and gave me the confidence to keep trying to put my baby in her bassinet and it worked! I thought it was never going to work and it did. I ca…
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Julie and Ziggy, 8 months.

Sleep deprivation was even more difficult than I had anticipated and I already knew I'd seriously miss my sleep! Desperation, fear and guilt as well as a completely muddled mind were just some of the symptoms. It felt like everything was falling apart. Emma came to the rescue when Ziggy was almost 8 months old, after a recommendation from a friend a couple of months earlier. Two weeks later I was kicking myself for not arranging to meet her earlier! Like many new Mum's out there, I wanted to bel…

overnight feeding

Gillian and Gully, 2yrs 4mths

Emma was fantastic and I’m only sorry we didn’t get in touch with her sooner. Our 28-month-old was going to bed well most nights but waking several times throughout the night and wanting bottles of milk. We knew he was too old for it (the milk particularly) but breaking the habit felt impossible. And we were wrung out! Enter Emma. She spent a lot of time understanding our situation, she devised a plan - and voila, it worked. Astoundingly, immediately. Several weeks on we have a happy toddler who…

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Jenny and James, 5 months

I struggle to find words to thank Emma. Before we made contact with Em I was filled with anxiety around my son James's (5 months) sleep. I felt a real uneasiness in my own home never quite knowing how long he would sleep for. He was cat napping during the day, an extremely fussy feeder and needed to be rocked to sleep most nights. After Emma, we now have James sleeping two short and a long nap at lunchtime, his feeding has improved out of sight and putting him to sleep at night is a dream. All t…

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Heather and Norah, 6 months

Emma was the hope I clung onto that we would one day sleep again and she delivered! My 6 month old had been waking every 40 minutes all night long and needing to be fed back to sleep for a month and only napping in my arms, the carrier or the car her whole little life- and those naps were now down to 2-3 x 20 minute naps a day. I was staunchly against sleep training because I had been completely guilted into thinking I would damage my beautiful little baby and she wouldn’t think I loved her anym…

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Kirsty and Sam, 9 months

As gorgeous as our 9 month old Sam is, we decided it was time to contact Emma when his sleep pattern started affecting the whole family. My partner and I were constantly grumpy and we had limited patience or time for our 5 year old son who needed us aswell. I’m a midwife so we sailed through the first 4 months, I knew what I was doing, but then things started to unravel and we didn’t really put up any boundaries, we just thought it would sort itself out. Basically Sam was having a big 2-3 hour s…

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Jane and Liv, 9.5 months

Emma literally saved our little family! We made a call to Emma in a very fragile and sleep deprived state and we are SO glad we did! We have tried co-sleeping, comforters, sleeping bags, white noise, dummies, rocking, patting, shushing and every other tip that we had heard to try help our little girl sleep but we were still up 6-10 times a night. Emma was super positive and completely fostered our parenting style to get some amazing results for our bub - and 2 very sleep deprived parents! It was…

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Kate and Benji, 9.5 months

As soon as I spoke to Emma I immediately felt completely comfortable and at ease. We welcomed her into our home shortly afterwards and it was a pleasure to meet her. Benji would only feed to sleep, would wake often very unsettled and his day sleeps were all over the shop. From the day we started working with her, Benji's day sleeps became easier, no more feeding to sleep and he sleeps through and is generally at night is far more settled when he does wake (and now self settles back to sleep). Wh…

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Misha and Jordan, 11 months.

When my son was 2-8 months old he was not a great sleeper; he was a colicky baby who would cry for hours on end, waking up many times a night. So at 10 months when he was going to bed at 9pm and waking up 3 times a night I really didn't think it was that bad. I resigned to the fact that it was normal for a mum to be waking up throughout the night and he was very easily fed back to sleep so I didn't like to complain, even though I was starting to get tired of it.

A couple in my parents group rec…

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Bianca and Emily, 6 weeks

Emma has worked wonders for our little Emily. I asked for her help when Em was just 6 weeks. I did this for two reasons; firstly I’m new to being a mum and secondly, Emily was having issues feeding and sleeping. These days you can get advice from everywhere so I read blogs, websites spoke to friends and family but found it all a little overwhelming and contradictory. I wanted to keep it simple so I sought advice from a professional. Emma was amazing!!! She armed me with knowledge I needed to mak…

Sophie, 17 months

“Emma was kind enough to visit our home and meet Sophie. With Emma’s insight and expert advice she guided us into implementing and maintaining sustainable routines and structure that would enable us (and most importantly) Sophie to sleep through the night.

Night 1 - Sophie woke only once. Night 2 - Sophie slept right through the night. Since then, so far sooo good! We were and still are amazed at how well Sophie has adapted to her new sleep schedule after being held, bounced or rocked for 17 mont…
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Noha and Shams, 12 months

I cannot possibly say enough good things about Emma and her incredible services. She is a magic worker, and I am not exaggerating when I say she saved our lives! For 12 long months, we were all sleep deprived, grumpy and stressed to a point of complete misery. We were stuck and had no idea how to get out of the horrible cycle of no sleep and rocking all night with our first born. I really believed he was unfixable! But Emma, somehow, managed to get him to sleep through the entire night well with…

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Adele and Delilah, 5 months

I'm so grateful to have meet Emma but also to have taken the courage to follow my instincts. My little baby girl was 4months old when Emma came around. She always has been a good sleeper at night, very early drop the night feed and would do block of 6hours by 2months! However, she always struggle with day time nap.Still I thought I was so lucky! then came the 3/4months change and she would not sleep for more than 45mins (mostly on me) during the day. Some naps were 20mins after doing some ninja …

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Shelley, Owen and Eli 2.5 yrs

Emma is amazing! Thanks to her we now have twin 2.5yr old boys that go to bed themselves without a drama & sleep all night long! This is a big change - we used to battle with bed times & night waking, which was leaving everyone tired & miserable. Now everyone wakes up recharged after a great nights sleep! Straight away I felt very comfortable working remotely with Emma on the phone & she quickly got to understand our boys & what techniques were going to work. Her advice gave us the confidence to…

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Samantha and Sophia, 10.5 months

I can’t thank Emma enough for the things she had taught me. Id read all the books and did so much research, I’d tried everything I thought possible to get Sophia to sleep better- Emma was my last resort, and to be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. From the day Sophia was born she was a terrible sleeper and I thought this was just going to be her.. But within 10 days, Sophia’s sleep habits drastically improved. She now sleeps 2 hours during the day and 12 hours at night, We’ve also stopped…

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Shannon and Freddy, 6 months

Emma was fantastic! So reassuring and comforting. We have always been told that when a baby comes along, sleep is a thing of the past. But with Emma’s help we have seen MASSIVE improvements and both my little man and I are so so much happier! Sleep is such an important piece to the health puzzle and I am so glad we got help when we did - even if it did take a month of procrastination from me. Thank you Emma!

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Sarah and Alexander, 11 months

Our little boy Alexander slept well, until at 6 months things took a turn. Several wake ups a night eventually turned to two hour wakings all night. Occasionally he’d have a good night, which made me think there might be something ‘wrong’ with him: teething, too hot, too cold, too tired? Advice came from all directions, all well meaning, but entirely confusing. When people suggested Alexander needed to go to ‘Sleep School’ I felt offended. There was nothing wrong with him; he’d sort himself out …

sleep regression

Tegan and Ryley, 4.5 months

We contacted Emma for our little 4 and a half month old girl who was cat napping anywhere from 20mins-40mins, right up until her bedtime at 10pm. I was unable to put her down any earlier, she was unsettled and very overtired by the end of the day. I was feeding to sleep and took several attempts at putting her down only to wake and cry 5 mins later. Our little girl is now able to settle herself to sleep, connect her sleep cycles, napping for longer and a new bed time of 630pm! Couldn’t be more t…

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Leesa and Hazel, 22 months

I approached Emma after having a toddler permanently moved into our bed. Living in a rural area her telephone support was amazing and the tools she taught us worked very quickly and is something we will continue to use on our newborn. I highly recommend Emma, her approach to sleep issues was very gentle and gradual and our toddler adapted very well.

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Kelly and George, 21 months

I can’t recommend Emma enough!!. From the minute Emma walked into our home I felt at ease. Emma has a wonderful caring, gentle nature which put us and our children at ease. Our 21 month old had progressively gotten into terrible sleep habits to the point we couldn’t walk into his room without him having a complete melt down. We were spending hours getting him to sleep - usually in our arms or in our bed, and he would continue to wake multiple times throughout the night. My husband and I were at …

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Emma and Lacey, 4.5 months

WHAT A WONDERFUL WOMAN!!! Before I contacted Emma I was at my absolute wits end with what to do with my little bubba Lacey. Lacey had colic until 3 months which meant for me to keep sane I felt I had no choice but to sleep her on my chest for every single daytime nap. When the colic was subsiding (thanks to Wilbys Colic Mix) I realised I could begin putting her down in her cot. This was not an easy feet as she had such strong associations with sleeping on me. I personally was not a cry it out fa…

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Andie and Archer, 8 months

I approached Emma when our son was eight months old and had been waking up every 1.5-2 hours for over four months. I had done all the 'right' things and read all the books, had a schedule, age appropriate awake and nap/ bed times etc... but the overnights were consistently a blur of sleep deprived madness with frequent wake ups. I am not a person who asks for help easily... but I am glad I followed my instinct on this one, and contacted Emma for help. Emma was so personable, gentle and kind and …


Kath and Sonny, 4 months

After a rocky start to life and a number of stays in the Children’s Hospital, Sonny became used to sleeping in our arms. We were fine with this as he had been unwell and we wanted him close to us, but once his medical issues were sorted, we knew we needed help. Sonny would only sleep one sleep cycle and was unable to self settle. This became very tiring and with two other children we contacted Emma for help. Emma was amazing. We talked through the birth and what had happened to date. Emma listen…

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Jess and Romeo, 5 months

Emma was our saviour!!! With such patience and love Emma helped our little boy to self settle only after 2-3nights. It has been the best technique and advice we have ever received. Highly highly recommend Emma, she is a goddess. Our little Romeo sleeps through the night now and sleeps for all his naps. Thank you! We love you! X

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Nikki and Dallas, 16 months

We recently enlisted Emma's help to get our 16 month old son back into a decent sleep routine. I had been in hospital, my parents (still relatively new to Dallas) had come to stay in order to help out, Dallas got hit with a throat infection and teething (molars) all at once. It was the perfect storm of things that disrupt sleep. My husband did what was necessary to get him back to sleep.... this involved picking him up, bouncing him, rocking him, you name it he did it. When I returned from hospi…

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Sally and Sophia, 4 months

I reached out to Emma after reading another mum’s review describing her situation that was almost identical to my own and I’am so glad I did. My lovely little Sophia was 4 months old, sleeping beautifully at night but catnapping her way throughout the day. It upset me to see her wake up prematurely from a nap crying and struggling to make it through the day. I knew things could be better for her but didn’t have a clue as to how I could help her. So I made contact with Emma and was immediately re…

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Diana and Ethan, 5 mths

Working with Emma has been the best thing I’ve done for our baby. Ethan was never a great sleeper & had a lot of sleep associations that needed to be removed as well as only napping 30 mins 2-3 times during the day & waking 2-3 hrs during the night. So many times I heard it was normal for babies to cat nap, however deep down I knew my baby needed far more sleep. At 5 months of age with Emma’s gentle guidance & achievable little goals Ethan has now settled into a routine, self settles & sleeps 2 …

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Michelle and Sebastian, 4.5 mths

** Not all heroes wear capes!!! ** Emma, you are my hero!! You saved me when I were in a state of utter exhaustion and despair. Your encouragement, reassurance and expert advice transformed my life from anxiety-filled days and tearful, sleepless nights to calm, predictable days and drowsy (but happy), relaxed nights. Thank you so, so much for you support through what was the toughest part of my life 💚 Sebastian and I are so much happier now. Also, you're just a legend of a person 😁👍🏼 xoxo

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Megha and Anya, 14 months

Emma is amazing, very passionate, kind and thorough professional. We found Emma when our 14 month old had very strong sleep associations and sleep regressions. Emma gave us lot of support and guidance and within 3 nights our girl started sleeping through the night. Bed time become less stressful. Now our girl has fallen into routine and is a changed baby. Cannot thank and recommend Emma enough! Only regret we have is we could have got her sooner!

Jen and Charlotte, 4 months

Emma changed our lives! Charlotte-our four month old daughter- would need 40 minutes of bouncing on a Swiss ball to go to sleep at night and inevitably she would wake as soon as we sat down to dinner. Her daytime naps were 30-40minutes max, each time requiring 10-15minutes to settle (again on the Swiss ball) and was waking 3 times per night. It is hard to know what is ‘normal’ for a baby this age but my husband and I were exhausted and needed a rest. After chatting to Emma we started a regim…
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Valerie and Ophelie, 15 months

I came across Emma when our daughter Ophélie was about 4 months old and Emma helped us set up a routine that worked perfectly well for us and we were so thankful to have created good habits early on and have a good little sleeper on our hands. Things changed when I had to go back to work and send my daughter to day care. Of course she got sick a couple of times, her usual routine was out the window and we started rocking her to sleep and always justified doing so until we realised that it was no…

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Suzanne and Kate, 8 Months

I highly recommend Emma @ Baby Sleep Expert. I reached out to Emma after seeing a video regarding white noise (which I purchased off the website), marpac hushh for white noise is hands down the best ever! My daughter is 7.5 months old, she has always been a great sleeper however I thought she should be sleeping through the night so I contacted Emma for a free consultation (I had nothing to lose!) After speaking with Emma, even though my little one was a great sleeper, I learnt we were napping at…

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Danielle and Elka, 19 months

Finding Emma has seriously changed my life! After not sleeping for 18 months, coupled with the exhaustion of first trimester pregnancy, I desperately needed sleep! And Emma got me and my little one out of numerous bad habits that had grown out of trying to make things easier. Elka is now able to resettle herself, and no longer needs me, or a bottle to do so. We are now all sleeping (and eating) better and I am beyond thrilled! And I feel I have new skills to use when we face difficulty in the fu…

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Melina and Lily, 5 months.

Best investment l ever did. My little girl Lily was 5 months and was waking every 1hour at night and having 15-20min cat naps during the day. The only way l could get her to sleep was by feeding or rocking. We had no sleep routine and her feeding times would be all over the place. Lily was very unsettled when it came to the evenings as she was overtired. It was starting to take a real toll on both myself and my husband as we have a toddler as well. As soon as l spoke to Emma she assured me we co…

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Kylie and Max, 4 mths

What a godsend, I have my life back! Max was 4 months when we enlisted the help of Emma and at that point was using a dummy and waking every hour needing me to pop it back in and resettle him. I was exhausted and it was hard to determine if it was the dummy he was after, or a feed. Emma helped us to teach Max self-settling techniques and within 2 nights Max was down to waking twice a night for a feed and that’s it. Emma is so knowledgeable on the subject of sleep and babies and her daily phone c…

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Jessica and Oscar, 3 years

Emma was brilliant in helping my husband and I retrain our 3yo’s bedtime and sleep routine. Before her visit we were fighting sleep for up to 4 hours every night and usually ended up sharing our bed with him. Emma was warm and friendly with our little man, and then held our hands as she guided us through the hard yards. She was knowledgeable - explaining all of the emotional reactions before they’d occurred. She gave us the confidence to follow through on the nights after her visit and 4 weeks l…


Jessica and Hutch, 8 months

We reached out to Emma when our son was 8 months old. I was due to return to work in 2 months and he was only feeding to sleep, waking every 20mins-2hrs and would break into hysteria if put into his cot to sleep. He used a dummy, but sometimes not even that would help sooth him. Initally, I was hesitant when we engaged Emma because I was worried about what we would need to do to help our baby. Emma immediately understood where I was coming from and made me feel like I was heard. We trusted her s…

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Jaclyn and Margo, 12 months

We contacted Emma recently to help us with getting our 12 month old, Margo, to sleep through and stop feeding in the night. I have to say, right from the start we felt so comfortable with Emma's approach and had a confident plan to help our little one to learn to sleep a bit better. Within a few nights Margo was putting herself back to sleep after waking without our help, and after 3 nights, she was no longer feeding in the night! We honestly thought this would never happen but now we have a hap…

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Laura and Noah, 5 months

Emma was amazing!! Our little boy was 5 months and waking every hour throughout the night, and only having cat naps throughout the day. He was unable to resettle himself without being picked up and rocked to sleep with a dummy. Emma gave us easy to follow techniques and a new nap schedule and within days we saw amazing changes he was like a new little boy! He is now able to self settle on his own without a dummy and sleeps through the night only waking once for a feed. His day naps are so much e…

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Beth and Rosie, Newborn stage

We highly recommend Emma to help out right from the start with her new born package. We were able to get Rosie on track from the very start and we haven’t looked back. She follows her routine amazingly and sleeps a solid 13 hours each night with just one feed. It’s so nice to have the reassurance and professional advice as a new mum. Thanks Emma.

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Jacqui and Reuben, 11.5 months

Emma was delightful to work with. She was friendly, approachable and very confident with her advice. I found her to be super easy to talk to, and her strategies worked!! My (almost 12 month old) son now sleeps on a regular day schedule and is sleeping through the night. It was great to have an expert to bounce questions off and get reassurance from on a regular basis. I highly recommend Emma.

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Juliiee and Ethan, 5.5 months

As a first time mum, sometimes what you need is someone who has been where you’ve been and tell you exactly what you need to do to to fix your sleep problems! Emma will listen, understand and guide you through some of the toughest sleep phases of motherhood. My Ethan was 5 months old when Emma helped my family out of an entire month of his sleep regression within pretty much a week. Ethan has learnt to self settle and resettle through his naps and nights without the dummy. We went from feeding 4…

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Charlotte and Emmet, 8 months

Emma was amazing and her gentle approach helped my 8 month old that was waking multiple times at night for feeds to sleep through the night. There was lots of things that needed to be tweaked a little as I’d read so much information and tried so many techniques. But Emma guided me and gave me the confidence to help my baby learn to sleep so much better. Thank you

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Vay and Matilda 6.5 months

Highly highly recommend Emma! Our little Matilda that’s 6.5 months, has gone from being rocked, fed, doing whatever to get her to sleep and was never able to resettle herself, to a baby that now SELF SETTLES and RESETTLES. Emma was so supportive in the way she guided us through the process & kept us on track despite Matilda teething during the training. We are so grateful for Emma’s help and Matilda is a much happier baby for it!

Sarah and Evie, 16 weeks

I never thought I would see the day our 3.5 month old (at the time we began) would be able to settle herself to sleep, let alone nap longer than 20-30 minutes during the day. But after just 1-2 days of working with Emma, our little girl had already taken a huge leap in understanding how to settle herself to sleep at night. She was so reliant on being fed to sleep, or vigorously bounced on an exercise ball with the dummy in for her day naps, that it caused me so much anxiety at bedtime, and made …
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Jessie and Sebastian, 11.5 months

We had fallen into some bad sleep habits when Seb was 8.5 months old and going through a regression. It got to the point where he was waking half an hour after going to bed and would be awake for 2 hours, then up 2-3 times in the night. We were exhausted. Emma tweaked his day time sleeps and gave us the tools to re settle and we had results almost INSTANTLY!! We also cut out a dream feed and overnight feed and are having consecutive sleep throughs! I’m shocked. Could not recommend Emma more high…

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Christie Lee and Isla, 8 months

Emma has definitely saved me! My little girl Isla was waking every 1-2 hours overnight and wanting to be fed each time. She was also barley napping through the day and we always fed to sleep which I think was a big contributor for us with all the night time wakings. Isla took to the new way Emma showed us for getting to sleep, settling and resettling so well. I was so amazed and wished we had done it sooner. We no longer feed to sleep and are having appropriate naps during the day. Puts herself …

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Danni and Conor, 10 months

Two words to describe our amazing experience with Emma – Life Changing! We enlisted Emma’s help with Conor’s sleep when he was 10 months old. As a bub Conor had many months of terrible silent reflux later found to be due to a dairy allergy. As a result he spent the first months of his life pretty unhappy, in a lot of pain and definitely not sleeping! Once we had sorted out the medical side of things we still had a bub who was difficult to settle and not keen on naps and only catnapping if at all…


Natasha and Theodore, 12 months

I came across Emma after many many months of my little 1 year old boy not sleeping. He would wake up sometimes every 40 mins every night and my husband and I were exhausted from just not sleeping, I had tried everything out there. Then on facebook she popped up and I thought maybe I will have a look. Best decision I have made! Emma has been wonderful and fit me in so quickly for a chat. Within a few days my little boy went from waking up most of the night to now sleeping through every night and …

Anna and Lachlan

Anna and Lachlan, 8 months

We engaged with Emma, following a friend’s recommendation after 3 months of very broken sleep with our 8 month old. I was exhausted when I finally reached out to Emma.
Emma tailored the program to suit our ‘gentle’ parenting style, which allowed my partner and I to build on our confidence over a few nights, whilst allowing Lachlan to learn to settle on his own.
I was doubtful prior to starting the program, having read and following so many ‘sleep guides’, however after only 3 nights of ‘training…

Laura and Lucie

Laura and Lucie, 4 months

Emma, you have changed our lives in two weeks! I can’t express how grateful my husband and I are. Lucie was 4 months old and was waking every 90 minutes over night, day time naps were non existent and self settling was something I honestly thought we could never achieve . We both were convinced that nothing could fix the mess we were in. Within 5 days you had routine and structure back in our lives and Lucie began to day nap and self settle. She only wakes once over night for a feed now which is…

Elle and Hamish

Elle and Hamish, 9.5 months

Emma you have transformed our lives!! We can not thank you enough for helping us teach Hamish how to be the most perfect little person. After 3.5 years of sleep deprivation from our daughter we were determined not to make that mistake again...and we are so pleased we reached out.
Your experience, your genuine intent to help and your considerate words complement your professional abilities as a sleep consultant. We trusted you immediately when we understood your strong science and medical backgro…

Gabriella and Eliya

Gabriella and Eliya, 8 months

Emma you have changed our lives !
My husband and I are so grateful for the work Emma has done with our munchkin and Eliya is now sleeping through the night and napping beautifully.
Emma is just outstanding and has a gentle and caring approach with sleep.
I would highly recommend Emma!!

Janai and Mila

Janai and Mila, 8 months

You have absolutely changed my life completely. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me through these last few weeks. Mila is now sleeping all night and her day naps are so much better I now get a couple of hours a day to sit down. You are truly fantastic!

Tanya and Isabel

Tanya and Isabel, 7 months

After trying other ‘sleep schools’ and having no success we were about to give up with getting our 6 month daughter to sleep longer than 2-3 hours at night. Then we met Emma! Our daughter soon learnt to fully self settle, she went from napping 20mins during the day to sleeping for over an hour! Her night sleeps are down to one wake up over night, I no longer have to feed her back to sleep and I’m still in shock that she also has no dummy!!! Emma’s knowledge and experience enabled me to …

Celia and Rosie

Celia and Rosie, 4 years

My twins were born at 26 weeks gestation, Rosie and Eliza. We have been incredibly lucky with their health and development. Rosie endured continuous medical trauma for the first five months of her life at RCH in NICU and we experienced almost losing her. She is covered in scars to prove this. I quickly discovered upon getting both of my precious babies home that Eliza naturally regulates herself easily but Rosie didn’t. When it came to sleep Rosie was my very tricky one, where I fell into all so…

erin and willow

Erin and Willow, 9 months

Emma was amazing. She has a gentle approach to getting your little one to sleep. We are no longer feeding to sleep and my little girl isn't having naps on me.

She sleeps better at night time and is now happier during the day.
I would highly recommend Emma is anyone :-)

Thank you so much Emma

Gabi and Amelia

Gabi and Amelia, 5 months

When my daughter was 5 months old I reached out for Emma’s help. Amelia's day naps were unpredictable and I could not plan my day. I would spend more time trying to get her to sleep than actually her sleeping.
Emma’s technique suited our parenting style which was so important to me. She has a real gentle approach.
In a few days we were able to establish a sleep routine for my daughter. Amelia was happier and I was able to spend more quality time with my family. Most importantly she learned how to …

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Mandy and Mia, 14 months

We have been working with Emma over the last 2 weeks and I can’t believe what a difference just 2 weeks has made! We were exhausted and I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep going due to the lack of sleep we were getting. It seemed to be taking Mia our 14 month old longer and longer to get to sleep and she was waking multiple times a night and requiring us to hold her every time she woke to go back to sleep. Emma was patient and understanding. She supported us the whole way through the process…

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Lisa, Reilly and Jake I yr and 3 yrs

I have 3 boys, a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. We were having problems with both the 3yr old and 1 yr old. The 3yr old took at least 3hours to get to sleep, and the one yr old was waking between 3-5 times in the night. To say I was wrecked was an understatement. I was cranky, tired and struggling. Feeling like no amount of coffee could cure this problem I reached out to Emma. What an incredible woman. She made me feel so empowered to take charge of my out of control situation. Now my 3yr …

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Mariana and Martin, 7 months

I am really glad I found Emma! Sometimes it's so hard to ask for help but I’m happy I took that step. Emma really changed my life. It is amazing how in 2 weeks my life changed from waking up every hour to now sleeping all night! I am happy she guided us in this journey, my baby is now having a lot of rest in the night and is a much happier baby during the day. You do an amazing job. Thank you from Martin Tomas and I

Neda and Mia

Neda and Mia, 8 months

We highly recommend Emma!! If I could give her 10 stars I would!! Emma’s work is just magic. Her approach is gentle and supportive and is exactly what we were after. I have to admit that I thought that my 8 month old daughter, Mia was at the point of no return with her sleeping habits. Sleeping in my arms for all of her naps and then allowing me 5min at night to relax before she would wake 2-3 times all through the night (after being held for 2-3hours every night for the past 8 months) was simpl…

Lauren and Ruby

Lauren and Ruby, 6 months

Emma has been an absolute miracle worker! After having a great sleeper the first time around it was a rude shock when my second baby Ruby didn’t follow the same pattern.Before speaking to Emma I did a lot of my own research online and in books (Save our Sleep), I even bought a sleep guide in the very early hours of one horrible night!

While there was heaps of information it was hard to know which advice to follow and for how long. I also had questions that were not answered despite trawling thr…

Catherine and Joe

Catherine and Joe, 2 years

Emma's approach worked wonders for our family. We felt like she really considered our situation, our parenting style and our little one's nature and personality. She was really supportive and best of all her system worked! Our two year old had never been a brilliant sleeper, but had hit a really tough patch that was affecting all of us in getting enough sleep. Now he is sleeping well, going down without a fuss and is happy and proud of his ability to 'sleep in my own bed, all night long.' Would …

Mandy and Mia

Mandy and Mia, 14 months

We have been working with Emma over the last 2 weeks and I can’t believe what a difference just 2 weeks has made! We were exhausted and I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep going due to the lack of sleep we were getting.

It seemed to be taking Mia our 14 month old longer and longer to get to sleep and she was waking multiple times a night and requiring us to hold her every time she woke to go back to sleep. Emma was patient and understanding.

She supported us the whole way through the proce…

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