We know from first hand experience the overwhelming exhaustion of chronic sleep deprivation. It not only effects your baby or child adversely, but has profound effects across the whole family’s wellbeing.

Meet Emma O’Callaghan

Emma founded Baby Sleep Expert to provide an empathetic and understanding service that was easily accessible to all. With over 20 years working within both a hospital and community setting, Emma has extensive experience in working with infants and children in their formative years. Her background as a Midwife and IVF Reproductive Nurse Specialist compliments her Certification as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. As a busy mother of three, she can bring both practical and professional knowledge to find you a unique solution.

Emma’s understanding of the health, science and biology of sleep for babies and infants has led her to believe in encouraging healthy sleep habits from birth and beyond.

Let us help you with the puzzle of sleep.

Sleep training doesn’t need to be a lonely and stressful experience for you and your family. We are here to help.

everyone is different


We believe that every baby, child and family are unique and we have developed a holistic approach to sleep coaching. There are no sleep problems that we are unable to address as we work in partnership with you and your family. We get  to know your family, your child and your sleep problems and this is achieved by listening, caring and understanding. Our aim is to provide comforting and realistic solutions for you.


Often, parents are surprised by how easy the process is overall. The most common phrase Emma hears is ‘I wish I’d done it sooner’

all styles

We support all styles of parenting when working with your family to develop a plan. We take into account your parenting style and philosophy, your baby’s temperament and development and your family’s schedule, all the while keeping a close eye on the emotional wellbeing of your baby and you.

Emma is a Certified Baby Sleep Conultant, as certified by  Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd Australia.

All Baby Sleep Consultants are taught to be experts on all behavioural methods of sleep training, we also have our own unique methods which we know from experience are very successful.

Baby Sleep Consultants do not believe in the one size fits all approach to sleep consulting or sleep training. We consider behaviour modification and sleep training to be one solution, but our unique holistic approach means that in some cases it is not even necessary once we have made changes to sleep hygiene, environment and timing.

Shannon and Freddy, 6 months

Emma was fantastic! So reassuring and comforting. We have always been told that when a baby comes along, sleep is a thing of the past. But with Emma’s help we have seen MASSIVE improvements and both my little man and I are so so much happier! Sleep is such an important piece to the health puzzle and I am so glad we got help when we did – even if it did take a month of procrastination from me. Thank you Emma!

Melina and Lily, 5 months.

Best investment l ever did.
My little girl Lily was 5 months and was waking every 1hour at night and having 15-20min cat naps during the day. The only way l could get her to sleep was by feeding or rocking. We had no sleep routine and her feeding times would be all over the place. Lily was very unsettled when it came to the evenings as she was overtired. It was starting to take a real toll on both myself and my husband as we have a toddler as well.
As soon as l spoke to Emma she assured me we could have Lily’s sleep pattern changed within a week and we certanly did. With Emma’s support and guidance Lily had a sleep routin within 5 days. She has 3 full naps during the day and now wakes every 4 hours during the night. She has set feeding times and Miss Lily is a very happy baby. What an incredible transformation and all thanks to Emma.
I highly recommend this service as Emma is with you every step of the way. I would speak to her every day and she would give me tips and ideas on what to do if things where not working.
Miss Lily is a great sleeper now. l just put her in her cot and walk out😊
Thank you so much Emma you have changed our lives.❤

Betsy and Luna, 9 weeks

I had a very anxious newborn that needed constant attention and would not sleep in her bassinet, EVER! I tried various strategies but nothing seemed to work. I had given up and thought I’d have to have my baby sleep on me forever (or at least for a long time). Emma was very kind and relatable from the moment I spoke to her on the phone. She came to my home and gave me the confidence to keep trying to put my baby in her bassinet and it worked! I thought it was never going to work and it did. I can’t explain how much this changed my life. Emma was kind and professional throughout the whole process and taught me a lot about baby sleep. I will always be thankful!

Lisa, Reilly and Jake I yr and 3 yrs

I have 3 boys, a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. We were having problems with both the 3yr old and 1 yr old. The 3yr old took at least 3hours to get to sleep, and the one yr old was waking between 3-5 times in the night. To say I was wrecked was an understatement. I was cranky, tired and struggling. Feeling like no amount of coffee could cure this problem I reached out to Emma.
What an incredible woman. She made me feel so empowered to take charge of my out of control situation. Now my 3yr old goes to bed no fuss. And my baby is sleeping through the night. I feel like a new woman. I am now a lot more present with my kids and husband. Oh, and I’ve stopped being a cranky bear with my husband 😝.
Thank you Emma, you are one special lady!

Emma and Lacey, 4.5 months

WHAT A WONDERFUL WOMAN!!! Before I contacted Emma I was at my absolute wits end with what to do with my little bubba Lacey. Lacey had colic until 3 months which meant for me to keep sane I felt I had no choice but to sleep her on my chest for every single daytime nap. When the colic was subsiding (thanks to Wilbys Colic Mix) I realised I could begin putting her down in her cot. This was not an easy feet as she had such strong associations with sleeping on me. I personally was not a cry it out fan either so had no idea at all how I was going to get her to be happy and sleep in her cot.
I think I was near on breaking point. I was emotionally and physically drained from rocking, feeding to sleep, patting, using the gym ball to sooth her (I was trying to do anything for her to just sleep).
Then Emma, no joke fixed all these issues in about less than 4 days. Yes the first couple days were exhausting but good lord the difference this program has made to Lacey is amazing and some what a miracle in regards to how life has changed for us as a family.
The great thing about this program is you get unconditional support from Emma every single day for 10 days. You don’t just get given a program written on a piece of paper and told good luck.
She was able to hear on the phone the different types of crying that I was unable to tell the difference between. She could tell me when to go into lace/when not to.
Long story cut short please do yourself a favour and use Baby Sleep Expert if your having sleep problems with your little one, as you will definitely not regret it. It really will change your life.

Catherine and Joe, 2 years

Emma’s approach worked wonders for our family. We felt like she really considered our situation, our parenting style and our little one’s nature and personality. She was really supportive and best of all her system worked! Our two year old had never been a brilliant sleeper, but had hit a really tough patch that was affecting all of us in getting enough sleep. Now he is sleeping well, going down without a fuss and is happy and proud of his ability to ‘sleep in my own bed, all night long.’ Would absolutely recommend Emma.

Danni and Conor, 10 months

Two words to describe our amazing experience with Emma – Life Changing!
We enlisted Emma’s help with Conor’s sleep when he was 10 months old. As a bub Conor had many months of terrible silent reflux later found to be due to a dairy allergy. As a result he spent the first months of his life pretty unhappy, in a lot of pain and definitely not sleeping! Once we had sorted out the medical side of things we still had a bub who was difficult to settle and not keen on naps and only catnapping if at all. We found ourselves spending long periods of time rocking him to sleep at night only for him to wake hourly and while co-sleeping seemed to work for a little while, this too was short lived. Our growing concern that Conor wasn’t getting the sleep he required to develop and thrive lead us to Emma, who had been recommended to us by a friend. Emma was wonderful with not only Conor but myself and my husband as well, listening to any concerns we might have, working with what we felt comfortable with and answering our endless questions. Her patience and compassion was appreciated beyond words especially at a time when we were chronically sleep deprived, not thinking clearly and grieving the recent loss of my Dad as well. Within days of working with Emma, Conor’s night sleeps improved dramatically and over the course of 2 weeks we all started to settle into a new routine and daytime naps had started to become an actual reality! Fast forward a few more weeks and we were able to go on our first trip together to Sydney. What would have previously been a very stressful holiday became so much easier and more enjoyable now that we and Conor had the tools and routine to help him with his sleep. Conor has continued to thrive and is a noticeably much happier little boy, progressing in leaps and bounds and just loves life! We are all extremely grateful and can’t thank Emma enough for her help!

Adele and Delilah, 5 months

I’m so grateful to have meet Emma but also to have taken the courage to follow my instincts. My little baby girl was 4months old when Emma came around. She always has been a good sleeper at night, very early drop the night feed and would do block of 6hours by 2months! However, she always struggle with day time nap.Still I thought I was so lucky! then came the 3/4months change and she would not sleep for more than 45mins (mostly on me) during the day. Some naps were 20mins after doing some ninja move to manage to put her down. She was snack-feeding all day and I had to start giving her formula (I was so upset) as my body couldn’t follow the every 45mins feed from 6am to 7pm. I was literally drained! She became really grumpy, cry a lot, wouldn’t handle anything but being carried or fed. My husband thought it was normal and I should just stick to it, but I knew that she needed more than 45mins siesta throughout the day. So trust me, I called Emma without my husband consent and the first two days were hard (as I had no support apart from Emma). But OH THE CHANGE after two days! Now after a month since Emma came she sleep for 3naps and one of them is two hours! She sleeps from 6.30pm to 7am, and she is back on breast milk only!She is a delight and I enjoy every seconds she is awake.She smiles, laugh, and has so much energy all the time. Even my husband recognised that it was the right way to get support and he is glad I did it. If I have an advice: don’t wait. It is so worth it! I was pretty tight with money but I never regretted having spending it! It is ok to recognised we need help sometimes! Thank you Emma! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Misha and Jordan, 11 months.

When my son was 2-8 months old he was not a great sleeper; he was a colicky baby who would cry for hours on end, waking up many times a night. So at 10 months when he was going to bed at 9pm and waking up 3 times a night I really didn’t think it was that bad. I resigned to the fact that it was normal for a mum to be waking up throughout the night and he was very easily fed back to sleep so I didn’t like to complain, even though I was starting to get tired of it.

A couple in my parents group recommended Baby Sleep Expert. They said it was the best decision they had ever made and wish they had done it sooner. We live in a rural town 6 hours from Melbourne so I wondered how it would work. We wondered could it really help our son to sleep through the night? Especially only being able to communicate via email and phone.

Emma was so friendly and supportive as she worked together with us to select the best strategies and approaches that fit in with our lives. We were excited yet nervous to start! The first night was tough but each night our son’s sleeping improved. Within 3 nights he was sleeping 12 hours a night and he has never looked back! Emma was in contact with us every day at the start. She talked through the routines and strategies, allowing us to ask any questions and also to make necessary changes to best suit our son.

We are so thankful for the guidance and support Emma gave us to allow our son to sleep through the night. We now have piece of mind that he is getting the best amount of sleep and daytime naps appropriate for his age and we can now make the most of the evenings to ourselves. We can even enjoy a night out every now and then knowing our son wont wake up for our baby sitter! Thank you Emma for giving us the gift of sleep!

Mandy and Mia, 14 months

We have been working with Emma over the last 2 weeks and I can’t believe what a difference just 2 weeks has made! We were exhausted and I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep going due to the lack of sleep we were getting.

It seemed to be taking Mia our 14 month old longer and longer to get to sleep and she was waking multiple times a night and requiring us to hold her every time she woke to go back to sleep. Emma was patient and understanding.

She supported us the whole way through the process and her advice was amazing. She empowered us and gave us faith in ourselves that we were doing the right things. Our little girl is so much happier thanks to the better quality sleep she is now getting. She’s sleeping through the night and napping for 2 hours during the day. Thankyou Emma for your guidance and support… we are so grateful!

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