Jennifer and Sebastian, 6 months


I honestly cannot thank Emma enough!! In brief Sebastian was a premature baby and had issues with feeding (including a lip and tongue tie) but once we got through all of that he was a fabulous feeder and sleeper, even sleeping through the night at 16 weeks. Unfortunately though when he hit 4 &1/2 months things began to unravel. He began stirring 1 to 2 times a night, needing me to resettle him either through patting, holding, rocking, hushing, or placing the dummy in his mouth. Fast forward a few weeks later and I was resettling him 6 to 8 times a night. Clearly my settling techniques were not working and he wasn’t growing out of it as I had hoped. In addition to sleeping poorly at night Sebastian would also sleep terribly during the day. His day sleeps were unpredictable and like any baby with an older sibling he was dragged out of bed to do school drop offs, pick ups and after school activities. In my desperation I had resorted to googling a gazillion different settling techniques and routines, reading baby books (in my spare time), and speaking with family and friends. I was certain that it was some type of sleep regression but I didn’t know how to fix it. I was given Emma’s name by a fabulous friend who too had a baby with sleep challenges. When I finally made contact with Emma I was exhausted and at the end of my tether. From the outset Emma reassured me that Sebastian was experiencing a common sleep problem and it was fixable! I remember getting off the phone to Emma and feeling relieved and reassured that with her help and expertise Sebastian and I could get through this together. The first few days were extremely hard but rewarding. With Emma guiding me step by step I was able to teach Sebastian how to self-settle, I ditched the dummy and put him into a routine that he so desperately needed. Importantly Emma’s techniques were gentle and ensured that Sebastian knew I was there for him as he learnt his new lifelong skill of sleeping and self-settling. Emma supported me through each day and night and within four nights Sebastian would wake and self-settle!! By the time I finished working with Emma I didn’t even have to go into Sebastian’s room if he roused during the night. Furthermore, his day sleeps improved immensely and I now have a baby that on most days will take three good day sleeps and sleep nearly 12 hours at night! Overall Sebastian has come so far in just over a week. Sebastian (and I) could not have achieved this without Emma’s help. My only regret is that I wish I would have contacted her sooner. I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to anyone who is experiencing sleep problems with their baby.


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