Bianca and Emily, 6 weeks

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Emma has worked wonders for our little Emily. I asked for her help when Em was just 6 weeks. I did this for two reasons; firstly I’m new to being a mum and secondly, Emily was having issues feeding and sleeping. These days you can get advice from everywhere so I read blogs, websites spoke to friends and family but found it all a little overwhelming and contradictory. I wanted to keep it simple so I sought advice from a professional. Emma was amazing!!! She armed me with knowledge I needed to make educated decisions and help us set up a framework. The routine we now follow has helped Emily process her food with ease and best of all she sleeps well during the day and long periods at night. She’s more settled which isn’t an easy thing to achieve at such a young age. We also know we’re encouraging the right behaviour moving forward. As Emily gets older we will continue to lean on Emma for her expertise. Thanks so much!!!


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