Celia and Rosie, 4 years

Celia and Rosie

My twins were born at 26 weeks gestation, Rosie and Eliza. We have been incredibly lucky with their health and development. Rosie endured continuous medical trauma for the first five months of her life at RCH in NICU and we experienced almost losing her. She is covered in scars to prove this. I quickly discovered upon getting both of my precious babies home that Eliza naturally regulates herself easily but Rosie didn’t. When it came to sleep Rosie was my very tricky one, where I fell into all sorts of bad habits with her just to get sleep for both of us.

The girls are aged four now and Rosie’s sleep issues were only getting worse. She was now fighting us each night, refusing sleep, frequently waking overnight and staying awake for hours and sleeping in late. I had become completely exhausted and worried and consumed by the problem and felt so unsure about what path to take to help my little girl and clean up the big mess that sleep had become and I felt desperate.

Rosie had developed very difficult behaviours to manage, she was exhausted and lacking stamina every day and we were all on egg shells due to her tantrums, melt downs and bad moods. I had become convinced Rosie had something profoundly wrong with her and was caught up in mother guilt. Why can’t I help her? I am making it worse in my approach. It must be linked to her horrendous start to life. I could handle being at fault but felt so stuck in knowing how to fix her. I was so worried about her.

My best friend encouraged me to reach out to Emma and from the day Emma came onboard, our lives changed and most importantly,Rosie’s changed. For the better! Emma’s non judgemental, calm and unwavering support, her confidence and belief that she had the answer was exactly what I needed.

Emma educated us, provided us the theory, prepared us so incredibly well for the steps we needed to take to regain control as parents and retrain and reset Rosie’s circadian rhythm. In the process she taught us how to teach Rosie to actually get herself to sleep and make her feel proud of herself. Emma listened with empathy and gave me constant guidance and direction and support. I felt so safe and held by her, yet not dependent on her. I quickly felt relieved as we regained the power as parents and could see Rosie responding in all the ways Emma predicted. I could not believe it! It was working and suddenly it was all seeming clear.

In just two weeks Rosie had become and remains a champion sleeper. She goes to bed and stays quietly in her bed for 12 hours and is self reliant now when it comes to sleep. Rosie is a different child now. She is well rested, she is in a consistently good mood, she does not have melt downs or epic tantrums. She is funny, not grumpy and purely delightful. I have clarity now in what was caused by chronic over tiredness, what was consequently behavioural and what are more likely to be personality traits. Emma predicted this would be the end result. I took a leap of faith and one I am so deeply grateful to Emma I took.

Emma is clearly gifted at what she does and I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for her incredible work. She’s so lovely to work with and makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough to anyone. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Emma.

Thank you Emma❤️🙏


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