Reflux and Sleep: How to help your baby


All babies spit up a bit of milk from time to time, but if you suspect your baby has reflux you need to seek professional help to get a diagnosis.

It can be terribly upsetting to watch your baby in pain. Naturally you want to do everything possible to alleviate their discomfort and soothe them.

Reflux (GERD) can cause night waking, discomfort when lying down and shortened naps.

Doesn’t sound like much fun for bub or mum, right?

Before we look at how we can sleep train a baby who has reflux, …

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SAFE SLEEP: 6 ways to keep your baby safe


There is one thing that universally binds all new mums – exhaustion. New motherhood brings with it joy, pride, confusion and fatigue.

Every new parent longs for a night of uninterrupted sleep…

And this can take a while.

So it’s really important to create a safe sleep environment for your baby from the beginning.

For every sleep and every nap.

When a baby dies unexpectedly and for no obvious reason, it’s often described as sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI). SUDI is a broad term that …

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7 Common Newborn Sleep Problems and What to Do About Them


Sleep is precious, especially when you are a first-time parent and aren’t getting much. One of the most fundamental parts of keeping healthy is in getting enough sleep. And sleep disturbances can affect the whole family.

Making sure your little one gets the sleep they need is vital for their growth and brain development – not to mention keeping you happy and recharged too.

We’re each unique and so are our children. Parents often see this uniqueness reflected in the way their baby sleeps. For s…

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Newborns and sleep: The Roadmap


Let’s talk newborns and sleep! Congratulations on your precious newborn. Babies are little miracles and bring bundles of joy. But along with all the love and joy this newborn journey brings, also comes many, many questions.

Am I right?

Lovely mama, do any of these questions sound familiar?

How can I tell if my baby has had enough milk/ isn’t hungry?

My baby will only fall asleep on me. Is this normal?

I’ve been told to never wake a sleeping baby. Is this true?

Why is my baby wide awake all…

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