Nap Transitions: Dropping from three naps to two

Nap transitions

Nap transitions can be confusing and tricky times. Firstly, all you generally notice is that something strange is going on with your baby’s daytime sleep. They are fighting sleep when they wouldn’t usually and can appear very tired at other parts of the day.

What’s going on? Often this is a sign that your baby is in a nap transition. I want to talk about the transition when your baby drops from three naps a day to two.

This transition generally happens anywhere between 6 – 8 months. There is n…

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Why Some Babies Just Won’t Sleep & Nap (as They Should)

Many new mums are overwhelmed and exhausted.

They’ve tried almost everything just to get their baby to sleep.

  • Googled blog posts
  • Asked friends and relatives for advice
  • Read all the books by the experts
  • Asked their friends what works for them
  • Tried all the baby sleep products on the market...

Yet, there’s still a lot of crying, rocking and feeding, their baby finally settle.

But before they know it, their baby is wide awake again.

Finally, some mums come to ask themselves:

“Is my…

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