Laura and Lucie, 4 months

Laura and Lucie

Emma, you have changed our lives in two weeks! I can’t express how grateful my husband and I are. Lucie was 4 months old and was waking every 90 minutes over night, day time naps were non existent and self settling was something I honestly thought we could never achieve . We both were convinced that nothing could fix the mess we were in. Within 5 days you had routine and structure back in our lives and Lucie began to day nap and self settle. She only wakes once over night for a feed now which is age appropriate. You also helped us wean the dummy in 5 days too! With massive success! You ultimately have saved our marriage as we now get time together are are less exhausted and frustrated. She is also a much happier baby. You are a miracle worker. You are so supportive and gentle and we would recommend you to anybody. Thank you thank you thank you! Xxx


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