Lauren and Ruby, 6 months

Lauren and Ruby

Emma has been an absolute miracle worker! After having a great sleeper the first time around it was a rude shock when my second baby Ruby didn’t follow the same pattern.Before speaking to Emma I did a lot of my own research online and in books (Save our Sleep), I even bought a sleep guide in the very early hours of one horrible night!

While there was heaps of information it was hard to know which advice to follow and for how long. I also had questions that were not answered despite trawling through many questions from other parents. After a few rough nights in a row I was done, so I reached out to Emma and it was the BEST thing I ever did!

I was nervous it was going to be so hard and that my sleep (or lack of) was going to get way worse before it got better.That wasn’t the case at all. Emma’s advice is so gentle. She set only one new goal each night so as not to break us which made it much easier than I’d thought.
The best part was having someone as knowledgeable and warm as Emma to coach me through it all and offer a plan that was tailored to us based on what happened the night before. Having someone listen to what my baby actually did and confidently give me clear advice was worth so much more than any guide or book.

True to her name Emma is certainly the baby sleep expert. Her knowledge of sleep and things that influence sleep is amazing. Thank you so much Emma, sleep was exactly the gift I was looking for.


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