Neda and Mia, 8 months

Neda and Mia

We highly recommend Emma!! If I could give her 10 stars I would!! Emma’s work is just magic. Her approach is gentle and supportive and is exactly what we were after. I have to admit that I thought that my 8 month old daughter, Mia was at the point of no return with her sleeping habits. Sleeping in my arms for all of her naps and then allowing me 5min at night to relax before she would wake 2-3 times all through the night (after being held for 2-3hours every night for the past 8 months) was simply life for us. She also wouldn’t let my hubby settle her. I thought this was normal and that the only way was to let her cry it out, which we are against. I couldn’t have been more wrong. With Emma’s amazing guidance I saw changes immediately. The first night when I was able to get my daughter to sleep within 5-10min I just didn’t know what to do with myself - it was AMAZING!!! Towards the end of the program my hubby was able to use the same technique to settle Mia!! This was unheard of 2 weeks ago. Thank you Emma you have changed and improved our lives for the better. Mia is so much more happier that she can self-settle and I have some of me back. You truely love what you do and this was clear to me from day one.


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