Fiona and Teddy, 13 weeks

Edward is my 4th baby and I wish I had consulted Emma with my others!!

My first was a great sleeper so I thought I knew what to do. Then #2 came along. I didn’t get help because all I had heard from others was about strict routines and schedules. I thought that wasn’t going to work with a busy 2 year old as well. So I battled through and he finally slept through at 2.

I had also dismissed things like a dark room as I thought that couldn’t be replicated while out.

Emma not only told me what would help but WHY. Essentially the science behind it. Something I could relate to and understand.

Following her advice, I have been able to put Edward to bed while awake and walk out. Not just at home but while travelling, visiting family and friends as well as moving house. He has his sleep associations and 9/10 happily puts himself to sleep. Generally, he also only wakes to feed at night and is straight back to sleep.

Emma is very friendly and supportive too, I highly recommend her services.


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