Lauren and Amelia, 6 months

I cannot thank Emma enough for her support and guidance in getting my 6 month to self-settle. Previously I was having to spend 20minutes rocking my baby to sleep for every nap and sleep. This was proving to be physically and emotionally draining. Plus, my baby would only sleep a max of 40 minutes and could not connect her sleep cycles, waking up screaming and thus me having to repeat the whole cycle again.

After chatting to Emma, she designed a custom sleep program in such ways we were comfortable with. She offered ongoing support and was always available for me to call or message to gain tips.  My baby can now self-settle and has 3 solid naps during the day and sleeps 6.30pm-630am. She is a much happier baby and I finally feel myself again.

Emma thank you so much for all your help and support you have given me.

I would recommend Emma to anyone needing assistance with their bubs.  She is amazing x


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