Adele and Delilah, 5 months

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I'm so grateful to have meet Emma but also to have taken the courage to follow my instincts. My little baby girl was 4months old when Emma came around. She always has been a good sleeper at night, very early drop the night feed and would do block of 6hours by 2months! However, she always struggle with day time nap.Still I thought I was so lucky! then came the 3/4months change and she would not sleep for more than 45mins (mostly on me) during the day. Some naps were 20mins after doing some ninja move to manage to put her down. She was snack-feeding all day and I had to start giving her formula (I was so upset) as my body couldn't follow the every 45mins feed from 6am to 7pm. I was literally drained! She became really grumpy, cry a lot, wouldn't handle anything but being carried or fed. My husband thought it was normal and I should just stick to it, but I knew that she needed more than 45mins siesta throughout the day. So trust me, I called Emma without my husband consent and the first two days were hard (as I had no support apart from Emma). But OH THE CHANGE after two days! Now after a month since Emma came she sleep for 3naps and one of them is two hours! She sleeps from 6.30pm to 7am, and she is back on breast milk only!She is a delight and I enjoy every seconds she is awake.She smiles, laugh, and has so much energy all the time. Even my husband recognised that it was the right way to get support and he is glad I did it. If I have an advice: don't wait. It is so worth it! I was pretty tight with money but I never regretted having spending it! It is ok to recognised we need help sometimes! Thank you Emma! thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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