Heather and Norah, 6 months

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Emma was the hope I clung onto that we would one day sleep again and she delivered! My 6 month old had been waking every 40 minutes all night long and needing to be fed back to sleep for a month and only napping in my arms, the carrier or the car her whole little life- and those naps were now down to 2-3 x 20 minute naps a day. I was staunchly against sleep training because I had been completely guilted into thinking I would damage my beautiful little baby and she wouldn’t think I loved her anymore- but there’s only so much sleep deprivation one can take! Emma discussed with me what my priorities were and what I wanted for my babies sleep and what my babies temperament is. She came to my house showed me what I should be doing, gave me a plan and continued to check in with us for 10 days- the phone conversations were invaluable support and direction. I’m not going to lie- it has been really, really tough but now my bub is going to sleep in her own cot, going to bed at a reasonable time and only feeding a couple of times a night. I recommend Emma completely, she was amazing.


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