Julie and Ziggy, 8 months.

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Sleep deprivation was even more difficult than I had anticipated and I already knew I'd seriously miss my sleep! Desperation, fear and guilt as well as a completely muddled mind were just some of the symptoms. It felt like everything was falling apart. Emma came to the rescue when Ziggy was almost 8 months old, after a recommendation from a friend a couple of months earlier. Two weeks later I was kicking myself for not arranging to meet her earlier! Like many new Mum's out there, I wanted to believe I would just figure it all out on my own, it would come naturally somehow, as though I spoke Ziggy's language.. I did not. Well, I learned, but only when my brain recovered from the sleep deprivation. What worked for us as a Mother & Son team worked extremely well but I just couldn't get on top of the napping, reading his sleepy signs correctly and and most importantly, "helping him" learn how to sleep. On top of that, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice and opinions coming my way. Whether or not they were requested. Emma was so very compassionate and understanding of my situation, her advice and continued support not only had my old self back in action in under two weeks, but I saw a whole new side to Ziggy! He was so much happier.. clearly well rested. Emma, I can't thank you enough. You saved me from a scary place. Ziggy will be forever grateful you helped his Mum teach him such an important skill. I highly recommend Emma and Baby Sleep Expert. :)


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