Nikki and Dallas, 16 months

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We recently enlisted Emma's help to get our 16 month old son back into a decent sleep routine. I had been in hospital, my parents (still relatively new to Dallas) had come to stay in order to help out, Dallas got hit with a throat infection and teething (molars) all at once. It was the perfect storm of things that disrupt sleep. My husband did what was necessary to get him back to sleep.... this involved picking him up, bouncing him, rocking him, you name it he did it. When I returned from hospital I wasn't allowed to pick Dallas up. This made Dallas incredibly angry. As the days progressed he got worse. Dallas went from waking randomly here and there to several times a night. All in the space of a week. So I called Emma. Because I couldn't guarantee a specific time that Dallas was particularly bad at sleeping at Emma offered to treat me as an out of state client and our first chat was an hour long phone call. In which we discussed my cheeky clever little monster, who had also figured out that the quickest way to get us in the room was to hurl his comfort elephant over the side of the cot! Well Emma gave us some great suggestions and guided us through the steps. She left us to do the rest but said she would call the next day to check in. We haven't had a single problem since that first night. Emma's tips and tricks worked (super fast!!). I whole heartedly say Thank you!! We are very grateful and would definitely recommend Emma and Baby Sleep Expert to everyone.


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