Kath and Sonny, 4 months


After a rocky start to life and a number of stays in the Children’s Hospital, Sonny became used to sleeping in our arms. We were fine with this as he had been unwell and we wanted him close to us, but once his medical issues were sorted, we knew we needed help. Sonny would only sleep one sleep cycle and was unable to self settle. This became very tiring and with two other children we contacted Emma for help. Emma was amazing. We talked through the birth and what had happened to date. Emma listened to our story and together we worked out a plan that suited our parenting style and our family. Wow. I was blown away with how things changed in our house in such a short amount of time. Within 3 days Sonny was stringing together sleep cycles and was able to self settle. Night feeds went from 3 to 1. The entire house felt the benefits of Emma’s input. Sonny was so much happier and obviously getting the proper amount of sleep that he needed to result in a very happy boy. I never thought Sonny was a “bad sleeper”, I knew he just needed help with sleeping and Emma’s knowledge and professionalism was amazing. If you’ve thought about getting some help, I couldn’t recommend Emma from Baby Sleep Expert highly enough. Kathxxx


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