Suzanne and Kate, 8 Months

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I highly recommend Emma @ Baby Sleep Expert. I reached out to Emma after seeing a video regarding white noise (which I purchased off the website), marpac hushh for white noise is hands down the best ever! My daughter is 7.5 months old, she has always been a great sleeper however I thought she should be sleeping through the night so I contacted Emma for a free consultation (I had nothing to lose!) After speaking with Emma, even though my little one was a great sleeper, I learnt we were napping at the wrong times which as a result would end in disaster in the months to follow. Emma advised that she could help my situation so we moved forward and agreed to give Emma's advice a good hard crack. In just 5 short days, with Emma's expert advice & guidance, my daughter has gone from sleeping swaddled in the bassinet, to now sleeping in her cot, in her own room, arms fully out and going to bed at 6.15/6.30pm and sleeping until 7am with only I feed during the night (down from 2). Emma is truly a baby whisperer with a gentle approach. I have also came out with a better understanding of babies sleep cycles & when is the best time to sleep. I can't recommend Emma enough, She is totally amazing!


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