Diana and Ethan, 5 mths

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Working with Emma has been the best thing I’ve done for our baby. Ethan was never a great sleeper & had a lot of sleep associations that needed to be removed as well as only napping 30 mins 2-3 times during the day & waking 2-3 hrs during the night. So many times I heard it was normal for babies to cat nap, however deep down I knew my baby needed far more sleep. At 5 months of age with Emma’s gentle guidance & achievable little goals Ethan has now settled into a routine, self settles & sleeps 2 hrs in the afternoon as well as sleeping through the night. It didn’t take long at all. I can’t recommend Emma & her approach enough. I wish I’d contacted her earlier. To see Ethan even happier than he was before & thriving due to more sleep is reward enough.


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