Sally and Sophia, 4 months

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I reached out to Emma after reading another mum’s review describing her situation that was almost identical to my own and I’am so glad I did. My lovely little Sophia was 4 months old, sleeping beautifully at night but catnapping her way throughout the day. It upset me to see her wake up prematurely from a nap crying and struggling to make it through the day. I knew things could be better for her but didn’t have a clue as to how I could help her. So I made contact with Emma and was immediately reassured that this problem could be resolved. The first week was a little harder than I anticipated but Emma’s gradual approach, kindness and extensive knowledge made it as easy as it possibly could have been. After a little over two weeks Sophia has three naps a day, one of which is 2.5hrs and she sleep from 6:30-7 overnight. I have regained my evenings and have added structure to the day. Emma has given me the knowledge to adapt things when a little extra flexibility is required and the know how to get things back on track should future issues arise. Best of all Sophia is well rested and an absolute delight throughout the day. I am so pleased I reached out for help when I knew things could be better. Emma is truly passionate about helping mums and babies navigate the world of sleep and thank goodness for people like Emma. Many thanks Sally and Sophia


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