Sarah and Evie, 16 weeks

I never thought I would see the day our 3.5 month old (at the time we began) would be able to settle herself to sleep, let alone nap longer than 20-30 minutes during the day. But after just 1-2 days of working with Emma, our little girl had already taken a huge leap in understanding how to settle herself to sleep at night. She was so reliant on being fed to sleep, or vigorously bounced on an exercise ball with the dummy in for her day naps, that it caused me so much anxiety at bedtime, and made me so short tempered and frustrated during the day. Now after 2 weeks with Emma's almost-daily guidance and support, our baby girl settles herself to sleep without a dummy for EVERY sleep/nap, sometimes naps for a whole 2.5hrs at midday, and can resettle herself when she needs to, especially during the night. She even slept through the night (a whole 12 hours) once already at the 4 month old mark. I am so grateful to Emma, I feel like I have my sanity back and no longer dread bedtime (in fact I'm so excited at bedtime now!). The best thing about Emma is that she is always there for you through the process - it's not an initial consult with 1 or 2 follow ups. I think this was by far the best thing about her services, is that she is there to kindly and gently support you through it all, even if it takes a little longer. Thanks Emma!!


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