Lisa, Reilly and Jake I yr and 3 yrs

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I have 3 boys, a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. We were having problems with both the 3yr old and 1 yr old. The 3yr old took at least 3hours to get to sleep, and the one yr old was waking between 3-5 times in the night. To say I was wrecked was an understatement. I was cranky, tired and struggling. Feeling like no amount of coffee could cure this problem I reached out to Emma. What an incredible woman. She made me feel so empowered to take charge of my out of control situation. Now my 3yr old goes to bed no fuss. And my baby is sleeping through the night. I feel like a new woman. I am now a lot more present with my kids and husband. Oh, and I’ve stopped being a cranky bear with my husband 😝. Thank you Emma, you are one special lady!


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