Mandy and Mia, 14 months

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We have been working with Emma over the last 2 weeks and I can’t believe what a difference just 2 weeks has made! We were exhausted and I wasn’t sure how we were going to keep going due to the lack of sleep we were getting. It seemed to be taking Mia our 14 month old longer and longer to get to sleep and she was waking multiple times a night and requiring us to hold her every time she woke to go back to sleep. Emma was patient and understanding. She supported us the whole way through the process and her advice was amazing. She empowered us and gave us faith in ourselves that we were doing the right things. Our little girl is so much happier thanks to the better quality sleep she is now getting. She’s sleeping through the night and napping for 2 hours during the day. Thankyou Emma for your guidance and support... we are so grateful!


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