Emma literally saved our little family! We made a call to Emma in a very fragile and sleep deprived state and we are SO glad we did! We have tried co-sleeping, comforters, sleeping bags, white noise, dummies, rocking, patting, shushing and every other tip that we had heard to try help our little girl sleep but we were still up 6-10 times a night.

Emma was super positive and completely fostered our parenting style to get some amazing results for our bub – and 2 very sleep deprived parents!

It was tough at the start but Emma was there for us every step of the way and although during night 1 we were ready to give up, we are now so very glad we listened to Emma and followed her advice. Lack of consistency was definitely our problem but after only 5 days in we had a fantastic, easy going routine sorted and our confidence in parenting had returned.

Thank you, Emma, for your support and positivity (and for answering our millions of questions!) We have one happy baby on our hands and are all feeling rested for the first time in 9 months! ❤️

How to achieve the best overnight sleep for your baby.

We all love and need our sleep. And when we have a baby that’s not sleeping well, we will do almost anything to help. 

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