We worked with Emma when our daughter was 8 months old. She was having 2 feeds through the night and up unsettled every couple of hours. Within 2 weeks we gently cut out the unnecessary night feeds and taught her to resettle herself. She was sleeping through the night in no time at all. Since then she has continued to sleep through, with only a few hiccups when teething or sick. Sleep deprivation is hell. I feel my baby is happier and has more energy in the day when she has slept well the night before. I also feel I am a better mother and partner, and am a whole new person with proper sleep. I really recommend Emma to help you help your bub sleep well.

How to achieve the best overnight sleep for your baby.

We all love and need our sleep. And when we have a baby that’s not sleeping well, we will do almost anything to help. 

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