Jess and Romeo, 5 months

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Emma was our saviour!!! With such patience and love Emma helped our little boy to self settle only after 2-3nights. It has been the best technique and advice we have ever received. Highly highly recommend Emma, she is a goddess. Our little Romeo sleeps through the night now and sleeps for all his naps. Thank you! We love you! X

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Nikki and Dallas, 16 months

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We recently enlisted Emma's help to get our 16 month old son back into a decent sleep routine. I had been in hospital, my parents (still relatively new to Dallas) had come to stay in order to help out, Dallas got hit with a throat infection and teething (molars) all at once. It was the perfect storm of things that disrupt sleep. My husband did what was necessary to get him back to sleep.... this involved picking him up, bouncing him, rocking him, you name it he did it. When I returned from hospi…

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